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As an actress and a filmmaker, Camilla Braaksma and Guido Bouvy traveled a lot, always in their pursuit of happiness. After experiencing many cultures and meeting a diversity of wonderful people, they decided to return home to share their rich experience of hospitality with others. They opened their monumental Amsterdam art house for guests.

Breitner House already had a rich history of artists, poets and other creative residents, which always gave the house a joyful, creative and cultural spirit.
Camilla and Guido set their goal to revive this creative festivity. They created two luxurious suites to offer their guests a rich way of feeling at home in the city of Amsterdam.

The most important thing for Camilla and Guido is to create a stay at Breitner House like they would want to experience themselves. This consists of a luxurious stay while still receiving warm, personal care to create a lifelong memory.
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Breitner House